Civil Partnership Dissolution

Though everyone enters a relationship hoping and believing that it will stand the test of time, relationships do sometimes come to an end earlier than we would have imagined. If you are married, this calls for a divorce. If you are living together but not married, this calls for civil partnership dissolution.

Understanding Civil Partnership Dissolution
The civil partnership dissolution procedure is identical to the divorce procedure in all important respects. The aim is to fairly and respectfully come to an agreement on all important aspects of the civil partnership such as children and finances. When you separate, these need to be divided and decisions need to be reached in regards to how things will work going forward. For example, an agreement must be made on arrangements for the children. Similarly, agreements must be made to divide any property you own and any joint finances you have.

It is not easy to come to an agreement yourself, which is why Jacky Lewis Family Law is here to help. Much like the divorce procedure, in a civil partnership dissolution, the aim is to reach an agreement and lodge a financial consent order at court without needing to issue proceedings.

Civil Partnership Dissolution
When you are going through a civil partnership dissolution in Surrey, it is important to have a professional on hand to guide you through the process. Not only does this ensure that everything is done correctly but it keeps your stress stays to a minimum and allows a fair, reasonable settlement to be reached. If you disagree with your former partner, reaching a decision without a third party can be tough. If you are looking for civil partnership dissolution in Epsom or Surrey, Jacky Lewis Family Law can help. Jacky Lewis is experienced in civil partnership dissolution and she can help you with the process.

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Jacky offers reasonably priced services for everyone who has experienced a relationship breakdown or who wants the protection of a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement. She will offer fixed fees and, depending on the financial situation of the client, discounted rates.

Jacky specialises in dealing with financial arrangements following on from the breakdown of relationships, whether marriage, civil partnership or cohabitation. She also assists clients with matters relating to their children.

Jacky prepares prenuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements.

Jacky can mediate between you and your partner. Jacky can also work collaboratively with you and your partner and their lawyer to find a solution, which is acceptable to both of you.

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